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Poetry Month -

It is National Poetry Month and the following poem speaks to me of hope and spirit.  

Yesterday, when I returned home I saw two men in uniform at the top of my driveway.  I was concerned but it seems the sheriff's car was turning around in our driveway and got stuck coming up the hill.  A tow truck had been called.  I parked at my neighbor's and the two men offered to carry in my groceries and pay for any damage.  They were embarrassed.  The guy driving was only on his second day and had never driven on "country roads" like we have here.  He was used to the city.  It interested me, because they were literally stopped.  The car was stuck and they stood and nothing could be done until the tow truck arrived, and it felt like we were all caught in a tableaux, a moment, shared.  Perhaps each moment is like that and we forgot or are too busy to notice.


by Moya Cannon

Where an ash bush grows in the lake
a ring of stones has broken cover
in this summer's drought.
Not high enough to be an island,
it holds a disc of stiller water
in the riffled lake.

Trees have reclaimed the railway line behind us;
behind that, the road goes east—
as two lines parallel in space and time run away from us
this discovered circle draws us in.
In drowned towns
bells toll only for sailors and for the credulous
but this necklace of wet stones,
remnant of a wattle Atlantis,
catches us all by the throat.

We don't know what beads or blades
are held in the bog lake's wet amber
but much of us longs to live in water
and we recognise this surfacing
of old homes of love and hurt.

A troubled bit of us is kin
to people who drew a circle in water,
loaded boats with stone,
and raised a dry island and a fort
with a whole lake for a moat.

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