Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Evening -


The weekend has been full with two perfect May days.  Night comes gently.

I enjoyed a wonderful party at Jeff and Jan's, a gathering with a range of ages from eight weeks up to Steve and me as the elders, though I don't feel an elder or perhaps I do.  Perhaps there is a going backward when one reaches this age, a touching the innocence of childhood, the bliss.

I am enjoying this quote by G.I. Gurdjieff:  "When I am not collected, I am simply a piece of meat."  

In honor of collecting myself, I have requested that my family members give me a piece of wisdom for Mother's Day, share something they have learned.  Chris is back from his Vision Quest.   I am curious what he has learned that applies to us all.  I want to sit with this myself.  What do I know that I can share?

We have a woodpecker in our yard, quite an industrious fellow who is busily pecking at an electrical pole.  I see some dents.  A friend is concerned that some birds are building a nest in what last year proved to be an unsafe place.  The wind blew the nest apart.  How do we learn and when do we interfere in the learning of another, or do we?

I am with questions tonight, using them like arrows to connect the target with myself.


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