Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I am reading the practical neuroscience of Buddha's Brain, happiness, love & wisdom.

I love the book and yet I notice it is more and more common on covers to put most of the words of the title in lower-case.  I suppose in this case that it means the words Buddha's Brain really stand out so we are drawn in and then those other words are there in a smaller font, though they seem equally important to me.

I love that when the Dalai Lama is asked his happiest moment, he answers, "Now!"  This poem addresses (pun intended) that.

Why Bodhidharma Went to Howard Johnson's

"Where is your home," the interviewer asked him.


"No, no," the interviewer said, thinking it a problem of translation,
"when you are where you actually live."

Now it was his turn to think, perhaps the translation?

~ Jane Hirshfield ~

(The Wisdom Anthology of North American Buddhist Poetry)


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