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I must share a little more from Martin Shaw's A Branch from the Lightning Tree:

“To be story carriers, we need to listen as well as we speak, and to pull from the air all the humming threads of story carried through the centuries and beyond. Each story is a small hole that pulls a thread of the timeless into the present, and when eternity is witnessed so is possibility and imagination. As we tussle with climate-change, at-risk youth, and all manners of love and crisis, each conversation needs to be pricked with little shards of light from the Otherworld.

Our story is the story of the land, both held in the deep dreaming of the cosmos. When we carry longing with us, we hold one eye to the invisible, the sacred, the great mystery. There is a World Soul that carries the endless tapestry of the myth world and our world singing back and forth to each other like lovers. The secret is to peer into that magic, offer libation, stay curious and laugh often.”

On the fear that longing is dangerous, isn’t it time to feel dangerous again?

Machado says,

The Wind left. And I wept. And I said to myself: “What have you done with the garden that was entrusted to you?”

It is for each of us to nourish our garden. Martin Shaw concludes:

“The Old Gods are watching. Give them a good show.”

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