Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Morning thoughts -


I had a biopsy and it revealed a basal cell carcinoma, so today I have a "numbing and scraping."    My reward is I will meet my son Chris for dinner and we will attend a talk by Frank Gavin through the Long Now Foundation.

A good friend's son is getting married this Saturday. She loves the girl and is delighted and she finds herself crying all the time.

I understand.  I was not prepared for the emotion around the marriage of my sons. There is a letting go and  a setting free, a return to the girl-woman I was, before.  I find myself this morning thinking it is like the river knots for each child, eddies a bit, and then unknots for a straighter flow.  The waterfalls are past.  It is a new connection that develops and it allows "mother" to return a little more clearly perhaps to her own path and all of it, absolutely all of it, is one and blessed.

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