Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

climate change -

I believe I've made it clear that this summer when the sun comes out, it is a major event.   People come out of their homes and stand outside with their faces to the sky.  Awe ensues.  Eyes adjust.

 I had that experience once in Amsterdam. when I saw a bit of sun and people lined up like sunflowers their faces raised.

I was cocky in those days and didn't expect it to happen here.

The sun came out here yesterday and I put on a summer top and then a jacket because I could see it peering over the hill and I was going to Muir Beach to visit a friend.  Yes, her home was socked in.  I actually prefer this weather to the alternative but I think Jon Carroll presents our current summer very well.   I know someone in Guerneville who still has her down comforter on her bed.   That's usual for here, but Guerneville.  It's that kind of summer.    Hug your envy. We, too, may have a heat wave, or as Jon Carroll says, snow.

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