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I recently read and recommend The Places In Between by Rory Stewart, who writes of his walk across Afghanistan.   

I am now reading Wisdom, from Philosophy to Neuroscience by Stephen S. Hall.   So far, I've learned that wisdom is resilient and its cultivation continues throughout our lifetime when we allow it, when we understand that wisdom is knowing that there is a great deal we don't know.  That is the place to open to understanding and learning even more. It is also the place of empathy.

The author discusses the trial of Socrates.  The man considered the wisest of the time was put to death.   Why do we fear wisdom?

Which brings me to this article in the New Yorker on the Koch brothers. Warning: don't read directly after eating. It may make you sick.


The insanity that seems to have hit parts of the country is funded by two of the wealthiest men in America, oil men, polluters, destroyers of research and truth.  

Over and over we read and are told that happiness is found in community, compassion, and giving, giving altruistically with no expectation of something received back.

The Koch brothers were harshly raised by American standards.  They were working rather than splashing in swimming pools.  My previous post was on the power of poetry to influence upbringings that may have been rigid in interpretation, to allow empathy an entry, compassion a moving chance.  

These men are motivated by preserving their wealth, inherited wealth that they have enhanced through dishonesty and greed.  They now influence the future of this country.

I am amazed to watch people demonstrate against their own interests in support of two men who, together, are third wealthiest in America after Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.  It might be seen as funny if it weren't so tragic.


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