Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

I'm not there yet but ....


Last night at Toastmasters a woman spoke about an important book, Half the Sky, Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide.  I see it is highly acclaimed on Amazon.  If I had a Kindle, I could download it in a minute and be reading right now.  Of course I might have other things I could be doing but I see that it is a way to have words without the use of paper.

Starting September 5th, our small local world will have curb-side food scrap recycling.  Our little district reports on how we are doing with recycling and we continue to do well, and the reports keep me aware of each piece of paper, each banana peel, which, by the way, added to roses, is a miracle in action as peel becomes rose.  Of course, at this point,  when I add something to the soil of the rose, the thorns grab hold and take some blood.

I continue to be astonished at my Toastmasters group.  One man has always spoken from memory, but last night he chose to speak from his heart.  I am still touched by his speech and the other speeches.  It is something to share yourself with a group.

One woman told O'Henry's story, Last Leaf. If you don't know it, here it is and you don't even need a kindle. Be the masterpiece you are.

We have sun and warmth. Windows are open and the day beckons inside out.


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