Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Labor Day!


It has been a busy, though relaxing few days and now today I come back to contemplation of what this day means and how it was gained.  It began in 1882 as a celebration of unions and gains for the workers.  Hmmmm!

My neighbor is away so I went over early this morning to care for her plants.  I was there on Thursday at the same time of day and everything was flourishing and bright in the light, but today all looked sad even though the sun is shining and I realized plants miss us when we are gone.  They are used to peeking in the windows but all is drawn up tight at their house right now and there are no open windows and the family and dog are gone.   We are connected in so many ways and sometimes I forget.  I came home and watered and talked to all my plant friends after comforting my neighbor plants.  I miss my plants when I'm gone.  I realize they miss me too.  

Happy connecting with yourself today and honoring the connections that surround.


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