Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Communication -

I'm reading a book written by one of the women in my Toastmasters Club, Margaux Joy DeNador.   It is called The Art of Living a Life You Love.  

There,  I learn that
what I say is important but how I say it is even more important.

When we communicate by talking, words contribute only 8% of the message. 37% of the message comes from the tone of voice used and 55% from body language.

It is interesting in light of our communication here which excludes tone and body language.  

I sit tonight with the power in how we talk.  

I am giving a presentation tomorrow night on "Terror in Public Speaking."  
My intention is to embody my words so completely that my message comes through the strength of my tone and the integrity of my body language.

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