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We spent the week in Morro Bay enjoying a lovely and relaxing time with Steve's sister and her husband.  It was delight.  They came up from San Diego and we drove down from San Francisco.  We pulled into our lodging spot at exactly the same time.   It was that kind of trip, easy and right.

There is a huge rock in Morro Bay which changes with the light and it seems enough to watch the rock and the tides go in and out.  The bay is filled with sea lions,  and otters frolic near the link to the ocean.  Nature and beauty and a slow, relaxed pace abound.  

We saw the Blue Angels fly by at Morro Bay and then again today over SF and now they are playing in the sky.  It is Fleet Week.

We drove down highway 1 along the coast and then back up 101.   We live in such a beautiful world and yet the news is so dismal. It is quite a disconnect.

On the way back we finally switched to a radio station that plays tunes from the forties.   We have to release into peace and joy and meaningless lyrics at times.  

I eavesdropped on some old timers sitting on a bench on the dock at Morro Bay.  They were speaking about what it took to cross the country to CA in a covered wagon.  Then we heard someone on the radio saying the Republicans are stopping all innovative building and infrastructure right now.  He, too, said, these are not the people who built the Interstate highway system, Hoover Dam or crossed the country in a covered wagon.

In Morro Bay, you watch the fishing boats go out in the morning and their return determines what might be offered in some of the restaurants for dinner.  There is a connect.  How have we gotten so afraid in this country to look outside at how we might connect through roads, transits, and sharing the wealth?

I am enthralled with the beauty of CA and I'm happy to be home and I hope I can retain the balance and peace of Morro Bay.  This morning I saw a truck, one truck on the street I wanted to cross.  I signaled that I could wait.   They signaled for me to go.  I saw how peaceful it can be when there aren't lanes and lanes of stopped traffic with people who have to be somewhere.  Maybe we hit an unusual week and we weren't there on the weekend but we all four felt turned backward in time.

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