Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

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Most of us were raised to believe that patience is a virtue.  

I think it is important to remember as we rush to have the latest technology and connect with as many people as possible in a day, that some things take time.  People used to live by the seasons and we still mark them with holidays.  This is the time of harvest, of falling leaves, and yet, even there, the nub is already forming for a new leaf.  The baby spends nine months in the womb.  For each of us there is a season and we are heading into what I find a nurturing, renewing, retreat time of year and yet my life seems busier than ever.  Things are popping up around here and I am thrust into involvement and connection, in a positive and powerful way. I sit in the balance as I consider how important I think it is for each of us to pause and look at what we've done in the last two years.

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