Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

December -


We have a day of sun though it is cold but the prediction is for rain, rain, rain.

When I grew up, the big threat tossed at us was Communism, a fear of group-think, no individuality like we have here, no freedom of thought.

We pay a hefty amount of state and federal taxes so I am unclear why there is no money, but I understand there isn't, especially in the wealthy state of CA.  Therefore, Los Angeles will invite corporate logos into their schools.  I'm not going to list all the reasons why this seems a bad idea since they seem obvious, but on Monday, I visited a surgeon with my husband.  He has a hernia and needs surgery.  Somehow the surgeon got on medical costs.  She said one problem is the unions in CA.  She said there are nurses at our local hospital making $200,000 a year, and these are people who may have a B.A. in anything and then, take a year of courses at our local junior college.   We know what prisons cost us, what the guards are paid.  I'm not against unions but it seems we are up against a great many untouchables when it comes to cutting budgets and so now we have this.


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