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I'm enjoying reading Clare Cooper Marcus's book, House as a Mirror of Self, Exploring the Deeper Meaning of Home.

It invites a look back at places that had meaning for us as a child. Perhaps we had a private place outdoors, a special tree, a fort we built, or maybe it was a blanket over a table.   Most of us made places we could go and be, socialize or reflect.    I'm enjoying remembering back.   She suggests drawing what we remember, using a drawing pad and crayons to take ourselves back to what gave us support and nourishment as a child.  

We may see as we look around our homes now that we've re-created what had meaning for us then.

That said, I wonder if any of us had guns in our forts.  Perhaps.   On his show last week, Bill Maher showed photos from his childhood.  He is often wearing a holster, a cowboy hat, and brandishing a gun, and yet, who could be more anti-gun today?   Why do some of us recognize there is no place for a gun in our lives, that times have changed, and that people do not need to carry a gun in a national park?  We probably aren't going to shoot an intruder even if we have one assuming the intruder will choose our home.   It seems a security system would make more sense or a dog.  Here is Gail Collins on the latest there.


And then there is the subject of abortion and the Catholic Church.  A nun chose to abort a pregnancy that would have ended the life of a young mother of four children, and she is the "bad guy" in the Church's eyes.  I can only shake my head.


My brother just sent me photos of their home in CT with snow, snow, snow. He loves it. I'm happy to look out on leaves and sun. My camellias are blooming; I pruned the roses back and though this may be only a respite I'm in full savoring mode despite the news of the day. Enjoy!

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