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Why are we here, here on Live Journal?   For many of us spam has increased and that's a downer, and yet I continue to see the benefits, the value of true connections.

Today, zebulen  posted on seeing Tibetan monks making a Mandala sand painting on the NDSU campus.  I remembered when I first saw a Mandala painting by monks.  It was at Larkspur Landing.  I was astonished that they would spend days creating something so beautiful and then just blow it away.

It was my first introduction to the idea of impermanence and the preparation for the ongoing transition between life and death.  I began reading The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche and saw him speak.   "Be spacious and go into Nature," he said.   I took his advice and went to Nepal.

I enjoyed another Toastmasters meeting last night.  Our group is full with sixty incredible people.  The speeches are heart-felt.  I was humorist last night and people laughed so I feel good about that.  I am starting to understand that the key is to love the audience, love them as a whole and as individuals.  I look around now and see friendly faces.  Each week we have new guests.  They are as intrigued as I was when I first came.  How can people go up and talk and be relaxed, and I won't say I'm completely relaxed but I do enjoy myself.

 I see the universe is friendly.  We want to see our friends succeed.  Our hearts light in their success as much as our own.  We see people in their vulnerability.  We bond there.

I am in a beautiful glow today, grateful, grateful, grateful for life, and that gratitude is related to impermanence and each of you.

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