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I believe that each of us wonders at times if anyone is reading what we post.

I started here as a way to post about my health.  My health was interesting to people because I was going through chemotherapy and radiation.   People were interested in a moment to moment report so I began with those I knew personally and then people found me.  I think 
jblindsight   was the first.

My health improved and we were hot in the election process so many of us joined together in posting about the election.  It seemed we were in a fair amount of agreement and there were few squabbles over the election years.

Then, the economy dumped and people had to take a different look at their lives.  Friends had health problems.  I didn't feel comfortable posting about the problems of others though I had been revealing of my own.  I felt a need to recluse, and often wondered what it was I did want to say and share.

The posts from Japan are reminding me that God, or Spirit or Consciousness or whatever you call this place of Source and Connection, is in the Details.  The details of each life are important.  We do want to know and yes, there are jokes about people not wanting to know how many cups of coffee you had that day and I do not like the short format of Facebook but I see there is a place for it and I also see there is a place for sharing here.

I do want to know the details of your lives.  I want to know you.  I enjoy the pictures, the ups and downs we all go through, the pain and the joy.   People say this is an artificial environment, that we don't risk anything emotionally here, but I know that is not true.  My awareness is with Alan's mother, with Zebulen's daughters, with the weather around the country because you are there.   I am in Georgia, Chicago, Ohio, Washington.  I care.


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