Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Connection -

I didn't understand Live Journal when I first came to it five and a half years ago, didn't understand how it could be free.

My son, who set me up here, said that I didn't understand that I was the content.  They should be paying me.

We've watched Facebook become worth unimaginable amounts of money.  I understand it is about the advertising and the sharing of our information but it is also about something more.

From the Ted Talk I posted the other day, I saw how the words typed here "add up," are tracked, so if we type about love and connection and sharing and stopping to look at a tiny flower growing out of the cracks, well, then, that is what we are talking about and thinking about and that change, that change is happening Now and Now and Now.  

Post of the beauty of your child, dog, cat, parent, friend.   What we share here does matter.  It is not just words tossed into air.

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