Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Peace -

 It is true that it was just a bench, and it was a gift and today was a rough day for various reasons.

Feel no fear.  I haven't turned to the dark side and will never own a gun and can bless the bench and those who needed it wherever it is.

Many years ago my son and I did a great deal of work in that part of the yard to make the bench feel welcome.  We brought in rocks and planted and created a special place.   It sat in the area where we took out five trees recently and so it has been a place of transition.  I see now even more transition was required.

It is a good lesson.   When I feel my anger, I see why we have wars.  This was trivial in any scheme of things and yet I felt violated and wanted retaliation, and again, that is how we end up with a violent planet. I need to settle my wars within,  and each time I do I give thanks, and tonight I request a little quicker return to equilibrium.  Actually my preference would be to stay in equanimity all the time, and again I am humbled in seeing how quickly I can jump to some need of superiority and revenge.


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