Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

How could words describe such a day -

I feel so blessed. My nurses gave me a graduation ceremony, and a certificate signed by each one of them. I hugged each one, and I cried. I realized this morning that what I am most proud of in my life is my marriage to Steve, and my sons, Jeff and Chris, and now, this. That I made it through - I am very proud of this. I had talkative neighbors today, and it was good. Two were young, in their early forties, and with young children. One man's son, who is thirteen, came in to visit his dad. It was really touching. We all talked about the gift of this. For some, it means four to six months of not working, and we spoke of the gift of having this over the winter, and now, it becomes spring. My tree still has no leaves, but the front Zen garden is now complete, as is the Meditation garden. Soon, the front walk will be done too. It seems I am not the only one hearing the building sounds as soothing.

I have my Certificate of Achievement here next to me. I am remembering now how I felt when I learned from Karen I was a Rosen practitioner. I remember the ceremony where I spoke. School always came easily for me, so I never felt any accomplishment there, but I knew the Rosen training was something entirely new - 10% skill and learning, and 90% art. That allowance and honoring of intuition for me was a great gift. I was proud of that, and proud of the graduation paper I wrote. I'm not sure I felt stretched before that. I worked for it. It mattered to me. This matters to me too. I want to be here. Time has expanded in the doing of this. I am soothed, and I truly feel I will be here for a long time more, and with this expanding of time, no matter how it goes, I will be here for a long time. Each moment is an eternity.

The man next to me today said how he had always been such a private person, and now, he is sharing himself. He is trusting his voice, speaking out. He always read what others had to say, not believing he had anything valuable to say. Now, he sees he does. When I am tired, I just put a whole article on for you to read, but I have come to see that you appreciate when I offer my comments on what I read. You want my voice there, too.

He, his name is Mark, said he has learned to receive in this. He wants to simplify his life, spent more time traveling and with his family, and he is grateful for the gift of learning to receive. I agree. I hope I have expressed all this to you, that you have given me the gift of learning to receive.

Today, is a great celebration for me. I realize it IS a graduation. The graduation song they sang is exactly right. Actually, I think they kind of hummed it, but it was clear. Who could not cry at all the blessings I have received? Thank you for filling my bouquet.

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