Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

power -


Our power went off last night and again I saw and felt the joy in candlelight, in the silence of no hum.   There was no wind, just quiet and soft, gentle, flickering light.

I wonder sometimes if we would have less political hostility in the news if the power were only on a few hours a day and rational discussion were the norm.  When I was in Kathmandu, the power roamed through districts in the evening, so you knew what nights there would be power where you were.  It never seemed an inconvenience.

When I was in the mountains in Nepal, there were places where power came on for an hour, and there were places where there was no power at all, only the roar of the river and the wind.   Again, it was lovely and all functioned just fine.

I read the news and wonder what happened to honesty, ethics, courtesy and truth.

When the power is off, and the only movement of light is from a shaking wick, all seems gentle, generous, clear.

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