Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


 [info]ken_roberts points out that life is about balance, and perhaps that is what I've been feeling so strongly these last few days.  I love being on an aircraft carrier and reading the history and seeing the planes, and I continue to question the addictive insanity of producing weapons that don't seem to fit life as it is today.

I loved seeing the cub scouts waiting to get on the USS Hornet as we left.  They were lined up with their dads and sleeping bags and gear, and I'm sure it was an exciting, if cold, night, for each of them.  For sure, it was a bonding.  

I  realize what I'm searching for right now is balance in myself.  It's why I love Qigong.  I love the cleansing aspect of it, the renewing, the grounding and rising.  There is an organizing principle within me as within the cosmos.  I acknowledge it with Qigong.  

I've been trying to be more conscious of noticing those I pass as I move through my day.  I read recently that a homeless man was most hurt when he wasn't acknowledged by those who walked by.  He understood that not everyone could give money but everyone can acknowledge another human being.   Perhaps that acknowledgement of those we pass allows us to better acknowledge and see all the parts in ourselves.  An aircraft carrier has many parts.  So does a tree.  So do we.


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