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Chicago - the responsive city

The city of Chicago is responding to climate scientists who say Chicago may enjoy a climate like Baton Rouge before the end of this century.  How refreshing it is to read a response to scientific studies.  Chicago not only has a Department of Environment, but it functions.   

“Cities adapt or they go away,” said Aaron N. Durnbaugh, deputy commissioner of Chicago’s Department of Environment. “Climate change is happening in both real and dramatic ways, but also in slow, pervasive ways. We can handle it, but we do need to acknowledge it. We are on a 50-year cycle, but we need to get going.”

We all know the full moon brings higher tides.  Where I live that can mean flooding.  This used to be a problem in December and January if it was raining when the high tide peaked, but now it is a problem with most full moons.  The Caltrans facility is located right where the flooding causes the biggest problems,  so one might expect a noticing. This year the signs that say "Flooding" came out for the May full moon. They are still out because nobody appears to be assigned to take them down, or maybe that is our preparation system, a sign.

You can read the whole article here:


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