Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


 I'm down to my son and his wife's home for the weekend.  She and I are taking a class together at Love Apple Farms, a remarkable place, "a gardening and cooking educational center".  

I saw Ray Kurzweil interviewed on Bill Maher this week and I am with his enthusiasm over teeny-tiny computers running through us in such a way, that, yes, we may be immortal and have access to even more knowledge, connection,and communication than we do now.  It is exciting, and the more I feel this vision, and the more excited I get,  I wonder how feeling emerges in this new way of being, this combination of carbon and silicon.   Will we feel more, or will we be in more of an observing mode, excitedly noticing what is going on within, or perhaps both.  Will we sustain excitement?  Will we evolve?  I am feeling excited that, yes, we are in a period of great evolution, and I'm hoping to live to see it, and if I don't, that is okay, too.

I am also with the whales.  I had not realized how slowly and gracefully a humpback whale lifts, curves, and drops down to leave that last clear look at its tail.  I can't imagine that there is a survival advantage to it.  It looks like fun, and I feel the tail beckoning me within, to explore deeply hidden seas.

Fog is on the ridge, bringing cool breezes and in June, it's impossible to know if it will come in close like a blanket, or pull away leaving warmth and sun.  Actually, in June, it does it all, so jackets are always kept handy throughout the day.

Peace and Joy this beautiful light-full day!

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