Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


I've been reading Roger Housden's wonderful book Saved by Beauty, Adventures of an American Romantic in Iran.   

I read his book and then view metro stations in Moscow and St. Petersburg.   There is a world of beauty.  Can we open to it?

From Roger Housden's Saved by Beauty:

Sufism is a gateway to the miraculous. It has always been known as such, but here in Kurdistan, the miraculous was taken as a matter of fact. For Iranians, even for those of a secular bent – of whom there are many – another dimension is always felt to be near at hand. They even have a word for it, al ghayb, the unseen world that can move mountains in this one. Rather than blind faith, the existence of al ghayb requires an imaginative leap, a leap that is willing to conceive that the world itself might turn at any moment on a different axis.


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