Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Morning thoughts -

My son Chris and his wife are moving to England for a year, and I am counting the days until they leave, even more aware than usual of the importance of time together and touch.

While my niece was here, we were out and about each day.  When we took the ferry to the city, I learned that there is no longer a human being from whom to buy a ticket.  There is a machine.  Last time, it was a machine for the parking lot.  Now, there is a machine to buy a ticket to get on the ferry.  

Then, on the ferry, as we returned to Marin from SF,  a passenger got so angry at the man who worked on the ferry who told him his bike would have to hang outside on a hook rather than go inside, that I thought I might see a fist fight in the middle of the afternoon on an up until that moment peaceful ferry.  I actually checked to be sure the passenger was still aboard when we landed, afraid the big guy who worked on the ferry might have thrown him overboard.  I don't know if the two incidents are related or not, but I find myself more and more aware of computer, rather than human interaction, and wondering how it affects us.  Okay, I'm typing about a human interaction to you, an invisible "you".  :)   

Last night, the roads in Marin were a nightmare.  One man has barricaded himself in a hotel in SR.  The major artery between Marin and the East Bay was closed.   I-580 is now open, but the standoff continues.

Life is so precious, so beautiful, and it seems there is so much anger and fear.  I know it is for each of us to find our own inner peace and radiate it outward, and I believe in that, and yet it is hard to see so many people in pain, pain right here in an area with seemingly so much compared to most of the rest of the world, and yet we don't know what goes on inside another.  We don't know how much pain another holds.

I read today that perhaps we can use technology to hold people more accountable.  It seems Facebook may, in the long term, have an honesty affect.  May this be so.


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