Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


I couldn't sleep last night.  The moon was bright enough I could roam book shelves in the dark.  Then, the fog moved in for a game of peek-a-boo.

Oddly, I was perusing book shelves because my Kindle needed a charge, but I'm grateful because perusal brought me to the book The Soul of the Night by Chet Raymo.   On page 135, I read:

Kandinsky bought his first box of tubed pigments when he was thirteen. “Kandinsky tells us how at the slightest pressure of his fingers on the open tubes the colors slipped out like animate beings, some cheerful and jubilant, others meditative and dreamy. Some colors seemed to emerge “self-absorbed.” Others slid from the tubes with “bubbling roguishness,” some with a “sigh of relief,” still others with a “deep sound of sorrow.” Some of Kandinsky’s colors were “obstinate,” others “soft” and “resilient.”

Enticed, I checked out more Kandinsky quotes on the following website.  He said,  "Almost without exception, blue refers to the domain of abstraction and immateriality."

Do you agree?

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