Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Morning Poem -


Are You Ready?


are you ready

for the place to drop the balls, like Galileo,
from the
Tower of Pisa,
and see that all objects fall to the ground
at the same speed,
except feathers and parachutes,
but that is about friction,
and a very different thing.
are you ready, like
Newton, to notice
an apple hitting the top of your head, or maybe,
not hitting your head, but dropping at your feet,
and then, do you then, think, hmmmm,
perhaps a law of gravitation is in effect
and could be defined more clearly by me -

are you ready to paint your heart on silk,
to carry out the trash
and see it recycled
or carried to the dump
and buried and reused
in some form
like a parachute
dropping slowly
so a person can land
without straining any muscles
or breaking
any bones -

are you ready
to hone
the fall
of speed
and circulate
what you need
right now


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