Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

I love autumn!

It is the most exquisite day.  I am as busy as the bees who are enjoying the rosemary flowers, and the butterflies that are flitting about.  It is one of those perfect fall days, blue sky, cool breeze, a few fluttering leaves, and the scent of change.

Chris and Frieda are in London.  Hooray!   The parting is tough, and now there is release.  They really aren't that far away and now there is Skype and all kinds of ways to see each other and talk.  It is the modern world.   I'm grateful it's not the 1800's and they didn't head out in a wagon train.  

Jeff and Jan have a new dog, "Senna".   He is a greyhound, a real beauty, and we love him.   He has been a racing dog, and when those dogs lose a few races, they are put to sleep, or they are adopted.  Senna is now adopted and happy in his new home.  It is an adjustment as his life has been restricted to racing and other dogs, but now Jeff and Jan are his clan, and so far, they are alpha.  He looks very happy to be in CA where he can go outdoors and bond with people and train them well.  

I am in a fall housecleaning mood.  It's fun.   Tomorrow, I head down to help Senna with his separation anxiety.   You begin by leaving him alone five minutes, then, ten, then, an hour etc.   Soon he will be able to stay home alone while they are at work.   

We certainly need lots of somebody's to love and hug.  

Hug something and someone today, and then, give yourself the biggest hug of all!

Joy is Round!

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