Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


I saw Moneyball this week and loved it.  

Then I was told I must see 50/50 because it is about cancer and it has a rescue greyhound in it. I like the greyhound part.  

I wonder when a movie might be "too good".   50/50 captures the experience of cancer treatment spot on, the being told, the blankness of the patient, the helplessness, the fatigue.

I cried through the whole movie, and sobbed when I got in the car.  I went alone and to a nearly empty theater and sat on the aisle.  I'm sure it was cathartic, as I cried for myself, and for those who were there for me and what they went through.   It is called a comedy/drama and the reviews point out this is a new way of working with comedy.   I would suggest that if you've had cancer, or have gone through treatment with someone who has, that you be very careful about seeing this movie.  Perhaps wait until you can see it at home with those you love around you, or maybe watch it alone and have a good cry.

I believe the idea of it is to make people more comfortable with the subject of cancer.   It is perhaps like The Hurt Locker, where we learn what it is like to dismantle bombs.   

Perhaps I was in a sensitive place today, but, as I say, this movie is strong enough to warrant awareness before you buy your ticket and sit down with your popcorn.  It is an immersion, and maybe I needed to cry.   

I think of Steve Jobs now.  There are so many well-deserved tributes I have nothing to add.   Perhaps, knowing what he went through to prolong his life augmented my grief.

We've been enjoying rain for the last few days, and now the forecast is sun.  It is a rare October when we don't worry about fire, but I think all the rain has put that danger to rest, for this year, and this year is what we have.   Senna is coming to visit on Saturday.  We want to see how he does with my cats.   His personality has come out now, and he is an adolescent, bouncy and rambunctious and in love with his new family, his new life.   Chris returns from London on business and arrives on Monday and will be here for two weeks.  It is a rich time, as always, as all ways, right now.    


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