Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Morning thoughts

This is an excellent look at Occupy Wall Street by Naomi Klein.  


Compassion, Kindness, Thoughtfulness, Awareness  - what a concept!

The Blue Angels flew overhead this weekend.  They practice on Thursday and Friday, and perform "for real" on Saturday and Sunday, so thunder rattles the windows and I do feel a thrill.   We went over to Blackie's Pasture with Senna and sat on the grass and watched them perform, and it is exciting and I wonder about the cost.

Senna - Jeff and Jan's rescue greyhound.  I am becoming more and more interested in the movement to rescue greyhounds.  These animals are intelligent, beautiful, and so grateful for a home.  Senna has his pack now, and nestles in close.  When I see how much he needs physical touch, I marvel at how it must have been for him to be isolated in a cage.  Yes, there were other dogs around, many of them, each in a cage, but I see how clearly we all crave touch.  We need touch, and Senna is masterful at pulling love right in toward him.  He is a ribbon wrapping our hearts.

We heard Jay Adelson speak Friday night at our local library.   I left feeling optimistic about how we are connecting more and more through the internet.  Perhaps we, too, have each been in our own cage, and now, more and more of what we know and feel is tracked and connected.   We live in an exciting world, and if you are considering getting a dog, I suggest a rescue greyhound.  They are masters of soul, and deep harbingers of touch.

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