Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Patience and Gratitude!

The word "patient" is an interesting one since being a patient requires patience, presence,  and calm.  

Steve is home and doing well, and yet, I wouldn't put yesterday in a day I would like to repeat, despite the beauty of being with Jeff, Jan, and Senna, and lots of incredibly helpful hospital personnel.

It turns out Marin General has Valet Parking.  Who knew?   We were there so long that my keys were returned to me with a map of where to find my car.  I'm impressed, and the care all day was equally impressive.  One woman rode up and down in the elevator with me as we tried to figure out where Steve might be now.

I am amazed at how adrenalin kicks in and we function reasonably well, even when great fear and concern is there, but today, we are happy Steve is home, and I think, in this moment,  I may be the tireder of we two.   In the relief, I am fatigued, and I'm heading out to the grocery for ingredients for chicken soup.

Today is a day for gratitude.  

It is a horrible feeling when one sees someone they love wheeled off on a gurney into a room where the doors swing closed.  As I say, yesterday is not a day I desire to repeat, despite love, support, attention, and care.

To health and gratitude.  It is a beautiful world we share.   


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