Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

embrace your inner wild

Today I was at Book Passage looking for a gift for a friend when I saw the perfect book, embrace your inner wild by Mary Reynolds Thompson with photographs by Don Moseman.

The photographs are exquisite.  Those I can't give you but I can give you some of the accompaniment, Mary's words:  

Learn to sing the rivers song,
root yourself in tree wisdom,
study the syntax of stone.
As you enter the wild,
learn its language.
To listen to a raindrop,
or a raven, or a rock
is to reclaim part of your 
own untold story.

Water covers 70 percent of the Earth and comprises 70 percent of our bodies.  A miraculous inheritance, like looking into the mirror and seeing your mother's eyes.

What fascinates me most about snakes is this: before they shed their skins, their eyes - covered in scales - turn a dull, bluish white so they cannot see clearly. I'm reminded of blind faith, the courage to let go of what no longer serves us, even when we don't have a clear vision of the future. 

A friend asks an indigenous elder from the rain forests of South America, "Are you ever lonely?"


"There is no word for loneliness in his language," the translator explains.

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