Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

December 1st -

I love this day, the first day of December, the clear announcement that it is time to get to the New Year's Resolutions. 31 more days, 31 fun, full, festive, nostalgic, restful, peaceful, spiritual, candle and fire-lit evolving days.

The wind is wild today, invigorating. I've been out picking up branches from our neighbor's tree. It is clear and cold, cold for here, and I'm surprised and delighted to still have power. I see that when the wind blows like this, I am grateful for electricity in a way I'm ordinarily not. I pick things up and organize and cleanse with an air of expectation and gratitude.

Gratitude. Savor this Day, and while you are, consider these insights on "Time".

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