Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Pt. Reyes

My book group has rented a house in Inverness, and will travel in various vehicles to Pt. Reyes this weekend.  

We have been together 25 years and in that time, enjoyed two trips to England, one where we explored Bath to honor Jane Austen, Stratford on Avon so we could attend the theatre, and Hay-on-Wye in Wales, because of its renown for books and book shops.  The second trip we walked for a week through the Cotswolds, after traveling through canals on a 72 foot canal boat that we rented and captained ourselves.  Getting our boat through the locks provided great entertainment for the locals.  They had never seen the like, nor had we.  London was wonderful, of course.

Now, we travel closer to home, and for a shorter time.  A weekend in Inverness, a place of breath.   

Lunch today will be at the Station House Cafe, one of my favorite places to hang out and eat, and then, it is a few miles  to our home with a view of the bay and walking distance to Shell Beach, a sanctuary of tranquility on Tomales Bay.  

I will go to Pierce Point.  This is a fragile time of year for me.  My father died 43 years ago on January 4th.   In addition, two women I revere, one 97, and one 93, appear to be approaching transition.  

Some say,  all souls,  when they depart,  circle Everest.  I was in the Everest region when my mother-in-law died, so I believe that is true.  I'm convinced they also pause and hang out at Pierce Point.  I go there to integrate life and death. The ocean is below on one side, and the bay on the other.  The land is a hand for wind.

May this first full weekend of the new year give each of us what we need to integrate one year with the next.

My "theme" for 2011 was understanding and compassion.  My theme for 2012, my intention, is Joy!

May the world unite, gently harbored, in love, care, and peace.


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