Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Marion Rosen

Marion Rosen passed last night, transitioned.  She was 97.

I am reading an intriguing book, A History of Ancient Britain, by Neil Oliver.  

He writes: “Fernand Braudel, leader of the Annales School after the Second World War, developed this as the concept of the longue duree – the long term. He imagined time like an ocean. On the surface are bubbles and flecks of foam that come and go in the blinking of an eye. These are the moments we humans can perceive, the actions of individuals and the stuff of years. The bubbles and flecks ride on waves that are like the lifespans of nations and empires, and the substance of centuries at least. Finally, down in the dark are the great, impossibly slow ripples within the deep that support, and occasionally move, everything above.”

I believe Marion's work will go on, as more than the actions of an individual.  She touched deeply into the human body, the human soul.  Her work, Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement,  evolves and ripples within a deep place that supports, and occasionally moves, everything above.

My head is deeply and reverently bowed to a woman who has had an incredible impact on my life.   I am grateful to her, and for her.   Today a huge community grieves the loss of this woman who lifted and opened the soul.

She was always approachable, always deeply human, even as she lived revealing layers of light. 


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