Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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A book to read -

I have seen previews for the movie Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and intend to see it.  I hear it is a delight, but without the edge of the book, the satirical edge, so today I bought and read the book.  It is excellent.

Yesterday I attended the Women's Power Strategy Conference.  The intent is to provide role models and mentors for young women.  It definitely did that.  I was inspired by the event and by the young women who attended.  Good things are happening.  Women are unifying for the benefit of themselves, and through that, for all.  We looked at relationships between mother and daughter, male and female, rich and poor, races and religions, and recognized that ultimately, of course, despite, and in celebration of our differences, we are all the same.  We need to meet in person and talk to each other, to listen closely and connect with what is within.   

The book Salmon Fishing in the Yemen ends with these words by Terullian, the son of a centurion who lived in Carthage, Credo, quia impossible est.  "I believe in it, because it is impossible."   He may also have written Certum, impossible est," which means the opposite, but certainly it seems more desirable to live with, "I believe in it, because it is impossible," and who knows what then comes.   Who could have imagined Skype in our lifetime, and Smart Phones and all the rest?  There may be disadvantages.  Certainly we all need to unplug periodically, and yet I meet you here.  I give thanks for that.   

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