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I am in Edinburgh, and the sun woke me gently and with exuberance as it popped up and poured through our hotel windows.  We took the train yesterday from London, a truly delightful experience.  We were told to sit on the East side of the train for the water views, and, yes, magnificent.  

It is lambing season, and along most of the way were lambs bounding and nestling next to their mothers.  It was an ad for vegetarianism.  We could see their young faces and bright eyes through the windows of the train, and I kept humming "Mary had a little lamb" to myself.

Big breath.  It is delightful here.  The whole trip is pure delight, and a privilege to experience.   We dropped down in NYC and went to CT to enjoy a visit with my brother and his family.   Steve has an opportunity to figure out how to put an elevator in this house.   


It was lovely to spend time with the new owners as the house rotated around.  It circles in 45 minutes, and can also be stopped, so if you want to stay with the sunset in kitchen, living room, or bedroom, there you are.

We arrived in London and Chris brought goodies to our hotel room, including a shiny blue cell phone and Oyster transportation passes.  We were up late talking, and then, excited to head out the next day across Hyde Park and with our two tour guides, Chris and Frieda.  We enjoyed the Victoria and Albert Museum and walked and walked.   I was reminded of other visits, two with my book group, and enjoyed walking, exploring and being here.   The next day we went to Westminster Abbey, a place I always have to visit and sit.  This time I sat in St. Catherine's garden and The Poet's Corner.

We went to Churchill's War Rooms, and that was amazing.  It gives a feeling of what war was like in England, and the sacrifices.  What most struck me were three sugar cubes they found in an envelope, three sugar cubes that one man treasured and then forgot when they emerged.  I think of how we in the U.S. fight wars without sacrifice, instead told to shop.   It is insane that we aren't rationed and taxes raised to pay for what we seem to think we need, or want.  

It is odd to be here and read the news.  History is so clear.  On the train to Edinburgh, I read a synopsis of the history of Scotland.  The distances seem so far for all this conquering and fighting.  What is this discontent in us, and yet, here we are in Edinburgh.   Who wouldn't want to "own" it, to influence what is here.   There is a nobility.   The brain stirs.

The days are long this time of year, and I'm excited to again get outside.   I want to feel the land, to absorb it through my feet and cells.  

To air, beautiful, new, renewing, and fresh!   I know there is suffering in the world, and yet, in this moment, I feel gratitude and grace for this immersion for a time.  I am a wick dipped in wax, perhaps given more layers to burn with light.

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