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Impeachment -

Jane's 87 year old mother, Ann Sherman-Flint, is concerned, and involved, and is speaking out through her writing.

Here is her piece on Impeachment that was just published in the newsletter Peace Weavers, the publication of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.



Our Constitution and the Bill of Rights provide safeguards which protect us from leaders who deliberately, knowingly and brazenly usurp their granted powers and their oaths of office. One of those specified safeguards is the act of impeachment. It is a legitimate and an appropriate means to prevent the destruction of our democracy. Impeachment, like patriotism, demands that citizens be vigilant and question their leaders in order to avoid creating a dictatorship.

We, as a nation, are, at this moment, confronted with an administration that has broken laws of the land and forsaken its oaths. Specifically this President, George W. Bush, has violated his oath to protect this nation by (1) employing deception to justify the unilateral invasion of another country; (2) failing to have a serious plan for the aftermath of that war; (3) incurring a national debt so gigantic that our domestic needs are dangerously neglected; (4) sanctioning torture and abuse of detainees and outsourcing them to deadly prisons; thereby violating the Geneva Conventions and The War Crimes Act; and (5) by intentionally and deliberately
establishing a warrantless wiretap program which has violated the civil rights of thousands of American citizens.

These are ALL impeachable offenses!! IMPEACHMENT IS NOT A DIRTY WORD! It is a remedy for a Presidency out of control. As a democratic citizenery, it is required of us to DEMAND that impeachment procedures begin at once. We each can contribute to this process by speaking out, writing letters to our Senators and Representatives, signing petitions, supporting candidates with committment, integrity and guts who are running in the mid-term Congressional races---and by participating in discussions, movements, marches. demonstrations, standing up and being heard.

Do NOT fear impeachment! Do NOT whisper the word! Shout it!

Embrace it! Seek it! Save our democracy.

 Ann Sherman-Flint

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