Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I wake up and feel great, as though everything has washed through. Maybe I have a fast metabolism so everything hit hard, and then flushed out. I am drinking tons of fluids and intend to do the walking today which is so crucial. I continue to see that when I stay in the moment, all is fine. Even during the worst of the treatment when I could honor my heart and think of all the support I am receiving, and remember to breathe, I really was fine. I could watch the birds flying by, so, a zip a dee doo dah kind of day for me today. The Lance Armstrong book is really helpful also. When he speaks of his fear of cancer, he gives one definition of "human:"

   " characteristic of people as opposed to God or animals or machines, especially susceptible to weakness, and therefore showing the qualities of man."

He then continues, "Athletes don't tend to think of themselves in these terms; they're too busy cultivating the aura of invincibility to admit being fearful, weak, defenseless, vulnerable, or fallible, and for that reason neither are they especially kind, considerate, merciful, benign, lenient, or forgiving, to themselves or anyone around them.  But as I sat in my house alone that first night, (after learning he has cancer) it was humbling to be so scared.  More than that, it was humanizing."

Perhaps that is one of the gifts of cancer - becoming more human.
After all, we are here as humans.  I am grateful for the gift of this, the chance to feel more deeply into even more aspects of being a human being.

Thanks for listening, and being, and feeling your own vulnerabilities and fears.  


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