Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Cultivating Harmony

Yes, the photo is of a winter bird.  I'm trying to make sense of this world in which we live, to cultivate harmony, and so I'm thinking of December in August.  Of course, it is cool here, so that is easy to do.  The fog continues to move in and out as it loves to do in August.

On Saturday I was in San Francisco for a Sensory Awareness workshop at Fort Mason.  There is a wonderful new art exhibit that offers creative places to sit and view the bay.   


I especially loved Asana:  


As we left, we saw bleachers have been set up on the Marina Green and there are tents with signs announcing the America's Cup 2013.  It seemed a little odd, since it is a year away but it seems it is so.  The bleachers are ready, because the American's Cup brings money into the city.  We are ready to collect.

On another note, Todd Akin.   When I read a statement that is beyond belief, so blatently untrue and unrelated to any historical, scientific, or common sense,  I realize how deeply entrenched lying has become, and not just lying, but an inability to have any relationship to what one is saying.  How could anyone be so disconnected from their words?   This man is a U.S. representative with a seeming lack of resonance to truth and humanity.

There is no way, or at least I pray there is no way that Todd Akin can believe what he said.  Does he even know what he said?

I've been watching Aaron Sorkin's new show Newsroom.  I don't enjoy the male-female relationship banter, which seems relentless,  but when he makes statements about the news, he is right on.  This week is on having real debates, and asking real questions and demanding answers, answers that have some foundation in reality, some basis in truth.  I hope his show can have an affect, though I fear he is preaching to the choir.

I also hope that by the time I post this, Todd realizes he can put us out of the misery of his insanity and discontinue his campaign.  I am trying to stay calm about the news, but when I read something like this, I wonder how anyone can lose this much connection with the truth.  How can it be worth "winning" to so blatantly lie?  Where is conscience?

I think of war and rape and the women who bear babies planted by the enemy.  The numbers overwhelm, of course, but if we choose to believe it isn't so, then, perhaps we can believe we can go to war, and not be hated by those we hurt.  

My mantra of late is "For every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction."  I am trying to maintain neutrality, as much as is possible, to live in compassion, understanding and kindness, but a man like Todd Akin puts my sense of balance to the test.  

I need to go back to the city and sit on an Asana chair.  

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