Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Such a day!

I just saw a monarch butterfly.  Around here, that is a sign of fall.  Also, the leaves on the fruit trees are falling, and there are clouds in the sky.  We may get rain this afternoon.  What a treat that would be!   Where I live we are locally dependent on rainwater, so we are always grateful for rain.  Water rationing is good for awareness, but I really do enjoy flushing my toilet, rather than using a bucket set in the shower.

I went to Muir Woods today.  The creek is moving slowly and is softly babbling, and the lower plants are dusty.  This is not the time of the rushing creek full enough for salmon to swim up and spawn.  This is the pause in the breath before the seasons change.

It is my son's birthday.  He is 38 today.  Therefore, I deserve a treat which is why I went to Muir Woods.   I remember back to the day he was born, and think of how that is for me now.  I walk far enough into Muir Woods that I am alone.  I sit and listen.  Redwood forests are quiet.  The tannin is not conducive to insects, and therefore there are few birds, but I saw some little ones, and I hear there is an owl, but I need to go at dusk for that.

I am grateful to Wiliam Kent who donated land and is responsible for Muir Woods.  It is hard to understand how a message of greed and selfishness is in the public dialogue today.  What I appreciate comes from those who worked to preserve land for all to savor and enjoy.  Muir Woods has Cathedral Grove, where people are asked to walk quietly, and the hillside trail is now designated a quiet area also, and today, people were observant.  It is like entering a church, a temple, to walk in under the trees.

I got my elder pass for the National Parks today.  It is $10.00.  I could have done it last year, but wasn't ready. I showed my driver's license, and the man commented on my "beautiful tresses".  I had long blonde hair when the picture was taken, and then, I lost it all, and now, I wear it short, and I like it. I don't miss the hair, and the woman who wore it.  I am coming up on seven years now, which is a whole new beginning.  I am grateful. I am grateful for life, connection, richness, butterflies, and care.


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