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Otter news!

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
- Albert Einstein

I love this quote, especially as school begins and I hear how elementary school teachers are given yet another way to teach children to read, and maybe that does open up the wonderful sport and livelihood of reading to a wider range of children, and maybe we teach children to read, give a few years to that, and then let them out to explore on their own.

I think of Ansel Adams whose parents excused him from school so he could wander around the 1915 Panama-American Exposition in SF.   Mary Oliver, also, was allowed a great deal of freedom when it came to her own need to discover outside of school.

I know we need structure, but it seems our artists come from an inner exploration of their own structure, and then they bring their way of seeing and viewing the world to us, a wider audience, an external world.

I keep up on the news of sea otters, and there is good news today.   Olive, a sea otter, who survived a dunking in oil, and was nurtured back to health and released, has had a baby.  She is seen holding a baby otter.  This is great news, as the preservation of sea otters is so fragile, and we love our furry, coastal friends.   

What would you name her pup?   Pimento has been suggested.  I'm thinking Pit, Inspiration, Hope, or Joy.


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