Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

News on Ms. Kate!

Katy was given another shower today and she is to be wheeled out to the Healing Garden.  A nurse painted her toes, and my brother says she looks "so pretty".  

There continues to be disagreement on what she has so she is being treated for Lyme and GBS, at least that is how I understand it in this moment.  She still has the headaches, but no respirator for which we are grateful and which we attribute to the prayers, and if she can start consuming some calories, no feeding tube.  She ate 1/2 cup of oatmeal this morning.  Hooray!

The physical therapy team is working with her, and they are pushing her hard.  They hold her to stand but she has no feeling in her legs, so it is hard for her, but movement means no blood clots etc. so they want her moving.  

All of this is good news, obviously, and yet, I feel us all still struggling with holding our breath, fearful to trust after so many blows, and maybe we can begin to relax.   I have made an altar for Katy.  I hung a photo of a jellyfish that a friend gave us for Christmas, with a beautiful Japanese silk painting over that, and my jellyfish earrings are there to evoke the breath and a relaxed diaphragm for us all.

Last night I was talking to Will in the driveway.  He was sweeping up sawdust from sawing the boards for the bathroom floor.  He uses a horsehair brush that belonged to his aunt or perhaps it was a great-aunt.  The handle is wood and the bristles are horse hair and it works in a way nothing new today seems to work, and it was quiet and meditative to watch him sweep.  I am with the sweep of that brush today, a sweep of gathering the love of the past and merging it with the present as the sawdust adds compost to the plants in our yard, and they root and stretch with interactive grace.   

Peace and gratitude to you All!


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