Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Saying Yes to Change!

A peace quote comes everyday in my email.  It always seems appropriate.  Today is this.

Everything changes, nothing remains without change.
- The Buddha

Yes, it is so.  Miss Kate is doing well.  She has one more day in the ICU, then the hospital, and then, a physical therapy facility.  Her parents want to take her home, but they are advising a facility.  We're not there yet as to a decision, but it seems a facility can get her back to 100% in the quickest time.  I'm wondering if her dog Jasmine can visit her there. Jasmine doesn't understand.

My brother sends this to me.  Katy was afraid of the MRI, as anyone would be, and so this happened.

And it was so sweet…she and I have had a signal since she was a little girl…I would squeeze her hand 3 times for I-Love-You, and she would squeeze back 4 times, I-Love-You-tooooo, with a long hard squeeze on the tooo. So yesterday as the machine was just starting I did it and didn't expect any response but she wiggled her leg 3 times and then even more on the 4th. It was one of those tender moments through all of this. She is so sweet and everyone in the hospital is working so hard for her. They are absolutely amazing.

It is truly amazing.  The gifts in this are unbelievable, and you are all part of it.  Your prayers, visualizations, care, and concern all carried her through.  I know it's true because I could feel you, and 7 years ago when I started this blog to keep people informed of my treatment for cancer, I would request, and every time you came through.  White blood cells would multiply when I asked.  There is always discussion about whether this method of communication is isolating.  Not to me.  I know you are there, and in that, here.  I know we are linked.  

Jeff and Jan, my son and his wife have invited me to a Lobster Fest in Napa.  We're heading up for lunch at a bistro, wine-tasting, and then, our feast.  There will be 8 of us.  We're spending the night so there will be no drinking and driving.  We'll take a cab from the winery to our hotel. 

Tomorrow Jane and I will be selling Breast Strokes at the Sonoma County Book Festival in Santa Rosa.  Harper Davis has a booth and we will be there with other authors they've published.   If you are there, we'll be near Fourth Street, at booths A-3 and A-4, across from The Friends of the Library tent and The Redwood Writers Village.  It will be fun.  I've read the books of other authors who will be there and am looking forward to meeting them and sharing the day.  There will be cupcakes in Harper Davis colors.  

So, like that, change.  I know Katy has a long road before her, but I can relax.  My brother and his wife have been told they will have PTSD when they can finally relax.  We'll see.   For now, I'm looking forward to the drive to Napa on an exquisite autumn, equinox day and time in Sonoma tomorrow at a Book Festival.

A friend just posted a photo of the space shuttle flying over Sausalito.  I forgot to look out, and it's okay.  Katy doing better is enough joy for me.  And now the posts are coming in on FB of those I know who saw the Endeavor fly over Sausalito. She is on her final flight.  It is quite a day.   Change - how we know we're alive.  

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