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I am graced to live where I live.  In addition to, or perhaps because of the beauty, people come and stay, and I have had an array of teachers who live close by.

Charlotte Selver lived in Muir Beach, ten minutes away.

Lee Klinger Lesser lives in walking distance.  Lee sends this today:

Charlotte Selver, my teacher of Sensory Awareness, who died at the age of 102 years old,  devoted her life to helping people wake up.  During the last year of her life as her students were preparing to say good-bye, Charlotte said:  "Goodbyes can be painful.  But they are beautiful, when we feel what we feel."

And in one of her classes she once said:
"There is no room any more for holding back or being lukewarm 
or protecting against something which may not at all exist now. 
And in case we actually need to protect ourselves now, 
we can do it openly. We can protect ourselves in freedom 
instead of carrying all this constriction which pretends to protect us."

"Protect ourselves in freedom instead of carrying all this constriction which pretends to protect us."

I can read those words and send them to you, and still know it is a lifetime to begin to understand what that means.  Three women who have great meaning for me, Charlotte, Marion Rosen and Annemarie Roeper were still working with this when they died at the ages of 102, 97 and 93, respectively.  

Breaking news report.  This comes from my brother.  

                         We get out tonight by 6pm!!!!
             I'm heading home now to take delivery of a hospital bed for the family room, and a walker, and get the whole room set-up as her bedroom/recovery room!
                               We're all on cloud 9!

I have to pause,

            and again give thanks for all that has come together to cohere this moment, this moment, this moment, one.  It took walking on a lot of clouds to get to Cloud 9, and I'm grateful that in this moment, the only one we have, we're here, and Katy is going home.   

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