Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Evening -

Our Miss Kate is healing miraculously, which doesn't mean the reality hit of the talk with the neurologist wasn't a little disappointing.  She is still a sick little girl, which is hard to remember in light of her amazing spirit and progress.  Someone asked me if I would be watching the debates tomorrow night.  I said my thoughts are always with Katy.  I can't think about politics right now.

I did read Christopher Hitchen's book Mortality.  It is excellent.  

Norman MacLean's book, A River Runs Through it, is one of my favorites.  bardcatintroduced me to Terry Kay and I started reading The Valley of Light tonight.   Oh, my, what delight.   I've caught one fish in my life and that was with little Katy.   We were using turkey bologna and her Snoopy fishing rod.  The catch was unexpected.  I thought we were just sitting on the dock having a conversation like one does with a little person, and then I caught a fish, and with a great deal of trauma, probably more for me than the fish, we let it go. That's my fishing experience but I love reading about fishing, love the symbolism of casting and pulling something from what we can't see.

In The Valley of Light, Noah tests the water, tastes it, to know who and what might be there.   Tonight I am soft.   We have heat, unusual for here, and all windows are open, and my thoughts are on the East Coast with my Beloved Kate.  She puts things in perspective for me, and softens me with the cast of her light.  

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