Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


The weather has shifted and our natural air conditioning returns.  The birds are singing, and the moon is still in the west.

I am amazed at how quickly the days are shortening.  It's dark at 6 when I wake.  

The biggest concern right now with Kate is her face and the return of movement.   She can't smile.  It's possible she will never be able to return to her full smile, though I don't believe that.  I believe in healing, but I am with what it means to smile, to express motion and emotion with our face.   There are so many things we don't pause to appreciate, and perhaps it is too much to go down the list each day, so we offer a generous bouquet of gratitude when we pause, but I suggest, for today, we notice, the elasticity and changing display of emotion expressed in our face.

In my morning meditation, I was with how much I love Katy, and then, I turned it back on myself.  Perhaps I can receive love like that, can love myself as I love her.  I sat with that and became the sun, so though it is dark outside, with just the beginning of light, I feel myself as radiant, as sun.  I am my own light.   

Also, in this with Katy, I am with the knife of Truth.  I know we may each have a different idea and interpretation of what is "true".  I meet someone and see one thing and you meet the same person and situation and see something else, but I do feel there is an ultimate Truth.  Perhaps that is why it is hard for me to step into politics  right now.  I know how I will vote, and rightly or wrongly, I am not up for debate.  I don't want to hear who "won" or "lost" the debate.  I want the whole world to unite in what is so obvious a Truth.  We care for each other.  We love each other.  There is more than enough for each of us.  There is more than enough to share.  

A beautiful day to All!

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