Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning -

Lightning struck outside our bedroom window last night with an immediate thundering crash. Wow! The light seemed to strike my dreams. I felt I was living in fairy tales the rest of the night, which might be a good thing, because as I listen to the heater run to keep the house even at 58, I see dollar signs sliding by.

The morning is calm, so we'll see what this day brings. I read about Merida, the capital of the Yucatan state in Mexico. It seems expatriates are gathering there in a pact of secrecy so others won't know how wonderful it is. Of course, an article in the travel section of the NY Times hardly keeps it a secret. I used to consider moving somewhere like that, but now, I wonder if I am tied to my medical community, in such a way that it isn't a possibility. And yet, in this moment, my life could not be more fine. There is nothing I need. I am content.

I heard a radio interview yesterday with a man, Josh Dorfman, who has founded a business for the lazy environmentalist. Jeans are from organic cotton, and the furniture from sustainable woods. The callers were affronted that more consumption could be construed as environmental awareness. His point is that it is a step. It seems that even Target is focusing on furniture that is eco-friendly. Again, I sit with the balance. Yes, perhaps we could get by with just organic cushions and simplicity, and yet, most of us seem to want more. We want tables and chairs, and the company this man promotes, Vivavi, has worked out attractive designs, and feels good about what he is doing. He is not yet making a profit, and he admits that, of course, ultimately that is his goal. I think of the steps we take, each step, of mindfulness, and of balancing our steps with those of others. For one person, recycling is the way to go, and they are content with something found at Good Will. For another, this might offer a compromise, and yet, these products are not inexpensive. Right there, a choice is made.

My heater continues to run. I could put on more sweaters, though Mandu huddled on the heater vent clearly thinks he is not willing to sacrifice any more for the environment. He needs that heat. My lights are on, as is the computer. I think the guy tagged it right. He says 80% of Americans say they care about the environment, but how much are they willing to sacrifice. He is trying to step into that niche in his way. Good for him, I say.

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