Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Fullness -

I haven't posted in awhile and this morning I wondered why.  What is going on with me?  What would I like to say?

The word that comes is "fullness".  I am so grateful for Katy's recovery which continues, that I feel myself bubbling with joy.  Everything I do seems met with new texture, meaning, comfort.  Today is exquisite, but then each day seems that way.  I welcome fog; I'm happy to see this day with sun.

On September 12, Katy had posted a smiling picture of herself on FB with these words: "Loving Life".  I kept going back to that picture when she was in the hospital and we didn't know what was going on.   I couldn't "grok" how she could go from that picture and those words to paralysis and rapid deterioration.  Now, all that is reversing, but life is not the same.  It has a new preciousness, a different appreciation.  I am seeing differently, touched differently.  

Saturday afternoon into the night was our 27th Annual Block Party.  We gather at a neighbor's house.  She is 85, and each year makes six kinds of homemade ice cream.  She and her children inherited the family farm in Napa, so we are treated with homegrown tomatoes and peppers.  She teaches knitting and still drives herself to the opera and ballet in the city.  

I am reading Boundless Potential by Mark Walton.  He writes about people who re-invent themselves.  One person he features is Marion Rosen, founder of Rosen Method, of which I am a practitioner.   She had been a physical therapist for thirty years, and then, her practice seemed to be coming to a close.  She thought perhaps she would retire and relax, but, then, the universe opened up, and she began teaching her work, Rosen work.  She taught until her death at the age of 97 early this year.

The documentary that accompanies the book will be shown in the bay area on November 24th on PBS.  It is called Boundless Potential if you are interested.   Judging from the book, it will be inspiring, and you can see Marion Rosen who was the most beautiful of human beings.  I am graced to have had her for a teacher.  Her words reverberate through me daily.  "Tears are Liquid Love," and so once again, tears come, tears of gratitude, fullness, grace.   

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