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Checking in -

Sometimes when I look out from my home, I think I am in Japan, looking at a Japanese landscape with hills and mist.  It is so beautiful here and this last week seems to have hit new highs as to beauty.  Perhaps it is the awareness of what is happening on the East Coast.  

My family is fine.  Two 75 foot trees fell at my brother's home in CT but they fell into the arms of another tree, so simply await being cut down.  They have no power, but in light of what has happened, all is more than well.

Will is here each day working on our house.  The termite damage considers to be more than expected, so we have no idea how long he will be here, but he is like a Zen monk working quietly and carefully.  He grew up here, and he agrees with me that there has never been such beauty.  It is like the fog is dancing in new arcs as it plays with the bay and the wind.

I feel rather sick this morning as I read of the damage in the East.  We continue to be reminded that we are all connected.   I think now of the Anasazi Pueblo native peoples.  They built a culture and then they left.  We see climate change as the reason they were forced to leave, but we are all so connected at this point.  Where will we go?

Poetry magazine this month has an interesting observation by Adam Kirsch:  "The unadmitted reason why traditional readers are hostile to e-books is that we still hold the superstitious idea that a book is like a soul, and that every soul should have its own body."

I don't know what I think of that since I'm currently reading a book I highly recommend, Fire Monks: Zen Mind Meets Wildfire on my Kindle.  Of course, if I were one of those living back East without power, I would be opening treasured books and turning pages by candle, fire, oil, propane, kerosene, or battery-powered light.

The world is so complex these days, and perhaps simple too.  Yesterday I skyped with Gar, Jan, Katy, Chris and Frieda in CT.  It was like I was there except nobody offered me a cookie.  I am grateful that those I am closest to are warm and safe, and I must expand on that.    May all beings be happy , healthy, safe, and well!  

Each one of us is affected by what is happening, what has happened on the East coast, and what happens in the world.   There is no time to count how many angels and devils fight to dance on the head of a pin.   The pin is stuck into this beautiful planet Earth saying, "wake up, wake up, wake up.  You are connected.  You are One."    

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